Serenity Light Yoga w/ Deborah

We are all on a unique spiritual journey. I provide personalized recordings of my yoga teachings to suite your personality, ability and unique challenges. 

For a Limited Time (April 15th - May 15th) I'm offering a special discount on the Recordings Below. Please contact me for more details.  
Serenity Light Yoga (Baptitse Raja Yoga): This recording will best serve those students who have taken one of my regular Serenity Light Yoga courses. ($20.00)
Personalized Serenity Light Yoga (Baptitse Raja Yoga I):
Relaxing sitting chair movements and postures with guided breathing in preparation for peaceful meditation.  We will  discuss any physical challenges and spiritual life to customize the recording. ($50.00)
Personalized Serenity Light Yoga (Baptitse Raja Yoga II):
Joyful movements (easy standing, lying, kneeling, sitting on floor) with guided breathing  in preparation for meditation.  Movements incorporated will be according to the yogi's ability. ($50.00)