Serenity Light Yoga w/ Deborah


  1. Bhavi
    "I came to Deborah's serenity light yoga class at USF during a stressful time in my life and found her class to be a great mix of physical as well as spiritual exercises that left me feeling relaxed and peaceful. Essentially, as Deborah teaches, Yoga is about union with our higher power, our higher self or God who resides within each of us. The tools and techniques she incorporates in her class---the sounds/music, physical postures, mantras, mudras, laughing exercise, meditation, visualization and affirmations--all help in balancing the chakras, or wheels of energies within us and help to let go of the stress, find healing and gain a new perspective. Over time, her class has influenced me profoundly and I have personally experienced the manifestation of many of my hearts deepest desires!" I
  2. Nancy and Kevin
    Nancy and Kevin
    "Kevin and I were looking for a low impact yoga class. Deborah provided the perfect mix of exercise, meditation and enlightenment. Her years of experience truly show with great guidance, instruction and with a bit celestial information to take you through the week." Barbara "Deborah's class has transformed my life! Positive energy and a beautiful space! :-)"
  3. Maria
    "I had been looking for a different kind of yoga class. I wasn't sure what that meant, but I knew I would know once I found it. Then a friend told me about Deborah's class. I was so excited that I contacted Deborah right away and started taking private yoga classes with her. I loved her classes right away--exactly what I had been looking for. They are very meditative and really help you stay present. We also focus on what we want to manifest in our lives. I always feel very centered and connected to myself after each class and also happy and hopeful about being able to attract what I want in my life. Deborah is an amazing, kind, warm teacher, and extremely professional as well. I highly recommend working with her!"